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What makes this book different: This book is a "practical guide" to overcoming struggles that people face in everyday life that may not be easily recognized as spiritual in nature. Many people wrestle with unnecessary heartache, pain, temptations, and depression without knowing the true source of their dilemma. Unlike other books on spiritual warfare, this book takes the spookiness out of the picture, and shows how people experience spiritual battles in subtle things that are presented to them in everyday life. The Devil is real.  His tactics are real. But, we need not fear nor be ignorant of his devices. This book is unlike any other book that I have seen, in that it exposes the specific tactics that the enemy uses against Christians, as well as the specific schemes that he uses against non-Christians to keep them from receiving or believing the Gospel.  This is a guide for personal spiritual victory, a theological-biblical study, and an equipping tool for evangelism all in one. Out of all the spiritual warfare books out there, this is literally a book for everyone.

Qualifications for writing this book: This book is the result of my reflection on several years of providing pastoral counseling to the local church and the community, dealing with personal struggles and hardships, and in-depth study of various topics in the Bible related to spiritual struggles, but especially spiritual warfare.
From my personal experience and interaction with others, I have found that many people often struggle with internal and external problems that seem to never go away or are helplessly accepted as the way life is, only in the end to discovery that the issue was not just mental, emotion, physical, or relational, but spiritual and even demonic.      
For over two years, I have spent several months, researching, studying, and teaching our local church on the topic of spiritual warfare as it is found throughout the Bible.  I have lead annual seminars dealing with the reality of spiritual warfare locally in Birmingham.

I have experienced freedom in my own life, and have witnessed it in the lives of others, through the principles that are shared in this book.  This book is part of a mandate to share the Word of God with the world, but especially to equip believers not to succumb to demonic attack, but to fight back.

Author Interview Questions: 
  1. What are some of the primary struggles Christians are facing today?
    Some of the primary struggles Christians are facing today have to deal with the changing times that we live in.  Society has changed, technology is continually advancing at a rapid rate. Christians today struggle with how to live authentic Christian lives in a changing world.  Many Christians today struggle with how to live in the world without being of the world.  This struggle manifests itself in how Christians deal with temptation, fear, anxiety, and compromise.  Many Christians today walk in defeat because they have a sense of complacency when it comes to different areas of their lives.  Because of the lack of knowledge, they have fallen for the trick of the enemy that things are suppose to be as hard or difficult as they are.  As a result they settle for less than God's best, not realizing that they have given the enemy an upper hand to fight against them in the process.
  2. How is this book relevant when considering the times in which we are living in?
    When considering the times we are living in, this book is relevant because every time you turn around there is war, rumors of war, economic breakdowns, and societal uproars, not just in America, but around the world. This book gives us a glimpse into how the enemy works in the lives of people.  If we can see this in a practical way, we will be able to see more clearly how the enemy is at work in the lives of those around us, our nation, and even the world.
What was your inspiration behind writing Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy?
The inspiration behind writing the book came from years of studying the topic of spiritual warfare and how it appears and is presented throughout the Bible.  I had previously taught on subjects involving spiritual warfare in my church and in various other settings, and began to feel that many more people needed to hear this message.  This is a message for the Body of Christ at large, and should not be confined to a local assembly alone. 
  1. Who will benefit from reading this book?
    Everyone!  I believe that anyone who reads this book, no matter what background they come from will be able to learn something or take away something that would be very impactful for their lives. This book will help every Christian pastor and leader to avoid the demonic traps that are often unique to those in leadership.  It will help every believer to be stronger in their faith, and to overcome the attacks of the enemy. Anyone who wants to live a victorious life in Christ will benefit from this book.
  2. What does each reader have the privilege to look forward to while reading this book?
    Each reader will have the privilege of gaining insight into how to effectively engage in spiritual warfare.  They will get a glimpse into my own life and experience in how I have been impacted through spiritual warfare. The reader will be enlightened into how they can effectively overcome personal struggles, and help others to overcome as well. Something that I am excited about is sharing with the reader some spiritual, mental, and emotional barriers that may be keeping their loved ones from receiving the Gospel, so that they can effectively witness and pray for the salvation of others.
  3. What are three crucial lessons or take-a-ways that you would consider important.
    Three crucial lessons or take-a-ways that I would consider important are:
    1. Spiritual warfare is very real whether we realize it or are willing to admit it or not.
    2. Spiritual warfare is a holistic aspect of the human experience.It takes place in our everyday lives and struggles. Spiritual warfare is not just about demons, devils, and exorcisms.It involves any and everything in our lives that may keep us from walking in God's perfect will for our lives.
    3. We have victory over every force of evil that comes against us through Jesus Christ.
  4. What is your favorite part of the book and why?
    I like the entire book for various reasons.  Each part of the book is significant in a different way.  However, if I were to pick just one, I would say the first chapter.  This is because the first chapter sets the tone for the rest of the book, and introduces the reader to the concept of why this book is important. The content of the book is excellent, but the first chapter gets us started.
  5. What is your desire for each person who reads this book?
    My desire is that each person who reads this book will be equipped to fight against the attacks of the enemy. This book will help people see ways in which the enemy may have attacked them in the past or may be attacking them now, without them realizing it.  It will help people to identify the tactics and strategies of the enemy, so that they will be prepared to fight and even avoid demonic attacks before they arise. It is my ultimate desire for every person to walk in spiritual victory in Jesus Christ. 
  6. Was this book difficult for you to write?
    The material found in the book comes from a reservoir of reflection on years of study, personal experience in life and ministry, and an accumulation of several months of teaching bible studies and seminars. The hardest part about writing this book was taking the time to sit, getting all my thoughts together, and typing the manuscript with fresh insights and information in each chapter that I may have never shared before in other contexts.   
  7. How will church leaders benefit from this book?
    Church leaders may benefit from this book in a number ways.  This book specifically points out pitfalls that occur in the life of leaders.  This will help leaders to avoid unnecessary struggles in their lives and ministries. It also provides pastors with a biblical, Christ-centered resource to teach their congregations about spiritual warfare, discipleship, and evangelism. No matter where you fall on the theological or denominational spectrum, you will be able to relate to the information in this book.  It is biblical, Christ-centered and God-glorifying material in every respect.  Appended to the book is a study guide that can be used for personal study, small groups, or individual and corporate bible study.   
  8. What is your ultimate goal in writing this book?
    My ultimate goal in writing this book is to get the Word of God into the hands of as many people as possible.  The Bible says that people perish because of lack of knowledge.  The Bible also says that it is not God’s will for His people to be ignorant. So many people are fighting unnecessary battles because they either lack the knowledge that they are in a battle or they do not know the source behind their battle. My goal is to equip believers everywhere to advance the kingdom of God in their respective spheres of influence by empowering them to expose the enemy, walk in victory, and win the lost. 
  9. At which bookstores will it be available?
    The book will be available on Amazon, at Barnes and Nobles, at LifeWay, and anywhere books are sold.
Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy: Equipping the Believer to Fight Back
"Whether you are a new Christian, lay member, volunteer leader, or seasoned pastor, there is something in the pages of this book just for you that will help you in your Christian journey. If you are a person desiring to live victoriously in your everyday life, this book will inform and inspire you to 'fight back!'"

Dr. Samuel R. Chand,
Leadership Consultant and author of
Cracking Your Church's Culture Code

There is so much to learn from Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy and it will get you to thinking about how we truly are members of God's Army preparing for battle against the forces of darkness. Gadson speaks from a position of strength and solid knowledge, but remains humble and encouraging throughout the book. Also incorporated are several appendices that include a study guide, the spiritual arsenal God provides for our fight against the enemy, and how not to give a foothold to the devil.

A superb book to be read together as a congregation or for a study group, Tactics, Trends, & Traits of the Enemy will help you identify the devil's work and inspire you to keep your eyes focused on the Lord. As Gadson reminds the reader in his conclusion, the devil is no match for the person who has surrendered his or her life to Jesus Christ.

-Cheryl C. Malandrinos